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It has been called "weird", "insane", "unique", "fascinating", "i don't know how to describe this game"... On 2014, the first version of iUBES was released. After lot of fun and 22,907,635 units killed, I decided to start the work on this second chapter to integrate most of the feedbacks and requests that I received from players. It took some time to refine every aspects of the game... but here is now iUBES:2 on steam.

PRESS - iubes:1

"It doesn’t quite look like anything else ... fascinating stuff." - ROCK PAPER SHOTGUN
"The way everything looks in the game is simple and simply wonderful [...] IUBES really stands out as a fun strategy game to play." - SOFTPEDIA
"A wonderful art style and some great ideas." - ALPHA BETA GAMER
"I really can't describe this thing, this game is weird. In a super good way." - PLAYER X


You're allowed to use materials like gameplay footage, screenshots, music, to make videos, reviews, news, about iubes. If you're running a youtube channel or similar, you're allowed to monetize such content/videos (e.g. adsense tools). Please display the game's name or even better a link to iubes.com if you can. In any case, I'll be glad to receive the url of your work!


iubes are environmentally friendly and 100% manufactured from recyclable materials.

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