iubes are intelligent cubes and we hate them all

PC online strategy game

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iubes:1 released February 2014.
iubes:2 released December 2017.

special thanks

Frédérique: my love and wife for neverending support
John Polson from indiegames.com as the beta testers provider
Orescent Guthert: worldwide first beta test
Asger Smidt: 1st complete beta feedback
Siberian Lemming for the first Let's Play video.
Simon from PixelProspector for efficiently spread the word!
Jim Rossignol from Rock Paper Shotgun
@Crisot for his wood tower hack
Sam Ouimette for text editing
Alexandru Chirila at Softpedia for his very nice review!
@GreyAlien for the very inspirative thoughts!


Code: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C++
Engine: Ogre 3D 1.9
API: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 (June 2010 D3DX9_43)
Server side: Linux Debian
Modeler: 3DS Max / Easy Ogre Exporter
Textures: GIMP / Paint.net
Music composing: Renoise tracker / Vanguard VST
Sound processing: Audacity
Video Editing: Sony Vegas / AVC
This web page: Notepad++


All content (code, graphics and musics) created by
Pierre 'Codrer' Fontaine. All rights reserved.

@codrer | codrer.com

Why this game?

As myself a real fan of Populous (1989) and Age of Kings (1997), I simply always dreamed to play a kind of game in between...


Sfx wav are based on Creative Common Zero (CC0) samples from freesound.org.
A couple of ground textures are based on public domain images. In case of any misuse of a copyrighted one, please contact me for removal or crediting!


iubes are environmentally friendly and 100% manufactured from recyclable materials.

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