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What is this game?

Basically, your goal is much like a classic RTS game: build your city, defend it, make soldiers, and ravage your enemy without mercy! But the way of doing this will be completely different than what you may be used to.

The concept here is to focus on interactions between your iubes, your city, and above all time! A well timed plan is the key to everything.

how to play?

You can't control directly your iubes, they'll do... whatever they think they have to. You only decide what they must build, where and when.

But this doesn't mean you can't control them! You simply cannot click and assign units. That is to say you have to manage your population by integrating your action into their own organization without unbalancing their workflow. Simple.


There is neither cost, nor stock needed before setting up a building. But think very well about the order and the location of your constructions.

Since there is no fixed build time for constructions you'll discover that your choices can utterly influence the time taken to finish a building from a couple of seconds to dozen of minutes!

Each building can need up to 6 different kind of resources: sand, wood and water - which can be found directly on the playfield, plus stones, iron, and gold which need special buildings.

fight & win

Everything else follows : your buildings spawn fighting units which will start the war without asking any further question.

So watch carefully and take the time it takes to understand the way everything works and how to improve your organization. A well placed building can reverse the whole situation!

But seriously: always keep an eye on your iubes...

online battles

Online battles are quite unusual. This is not a standard RTS where you simply play against your opponent, but rather a kind of instancing system:

Each player is located on a map cell which carry the method and organization of its owner. When you play an opponent, you don't play him in real time, but you fight against a replay of his previous battle: in a way, his last successful strategy.

Since the iubes don't need management, they'll keep the effectiveness and achieved velocity of their owner. Plus, the iubes never get tired.

King of The realm

You start on the edge of the world: target a surrounding opponent and defeat him to take his position whatever his colour is.

Battle after battle, move forward to your targeted destination and collect the 4 banners all around the world. Of course you'll have to find your way between more experienced players.

If you ever succeed in obtaining the 4 unique banners, you shall try to reach the center of the map where the 5th banner will make you new king of the iubes.

Hints & advices

  • Don't forget there is always at least two front lines in this world.
  • Take a very good care of your totems and protect them to preserve their bonus.
  • The last totem can be an impressive weapon when correctly managed.
  • Hold the SHIFT key when setting farms ;)
  • Even the placement of basic houses can improve a lot of things.
  • Don't start too many simultaneous constructions if you're not experienced enough!
  • Also, do not trap too many of your iubes on towers...
  • The iubes are slower in water... use rivers at your advantage when setting your defense.
  • The armory can do sooo much than just upgrading your units.
  • Learn to target your pyromancers, it will change everything.
  • Knights aren't simply upgraded warriors, they have their own purpose.
  • There is no killer setup: the perfect balance changes on every map.
  • And there is 262,144 different maps.
  • Think about gold before you need it!
  • And think about your barracks even before...


iubes are environmentally friendly and 100% manufactured from recyclable materials.

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