iubes are intelligent cubes and we hate them all

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iubes killed in action.
... is our Emperor since --
... is the new King since --


iubes is a unique strategy gameplay... in a quite unusual world.

iubes are intelligent cubes: they gather resources, work, fight and defend by themselves, and have no interest in your micro management.

To master the iubes you have to truely understand their inner mechanics. And until that, you'll hate them and their free will.

substantial facts about the iubes

the iubes evolve inside spherical worlds. Don't forget there is always more than a single front line.
you have no possibility to micro manage your iubes. You're not here to give basic orders. However...
you have to focus on macro management: each of your single action may affect the whole.
travelling the world to defeat other players you may try to grab the crown and become the new king!

The four houses

North Horde
East Empire
South Tribes
West Kingdom

Your colour will define your starting region but that's only a question of feeling.
You have no ally down here.

When fighting someone of your own colour, your opponent will thereby turn into black.

If you ever played to iubes:1

iubes:2 is the same game, except that everything changed.

A new engine has been written. Faster, brighter, finer, with a new interface way much handy thanks to your feedbacks.

Your strategy can now evolve as you can destroy your own buildings. There is new resources, buildings and units, while the iubes themselves have been upgraded with better logic and reactions.

Some features have been discarded: no more night time, no cemetary, and a fixed time speed (x4) to let you focus on the true nature of the game.

But above all, the whole ranking system has been replaced by a complete map with strategic positions you'll have to pass through...

So, welcome back!


iubes are environmentally friendly and 100% manufactured from recyclable materials.

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