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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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Playing alone...

Day 019
Tactical Warflow
Wednesday April 22, 2020

Good news / bad news situation here: gameplay is changing faster and faster. So much that AI from previous version can't cope anymore. Computer can't even manage to spawn new basic units. I'm therefore playing alone, nothing to fight with...

A complete new AI has became the new priority if I want to test fighting units.

2 weeks to deadline

Day 023
Tactical Warflow
Sunday April 26, 2020

I may be a little late on my agenda, but not that much: everything is under control. Moreover I'm really glad with this new gameplay. I'm still focusing on the economic side of the game. Now to obtain an efficient growth of your population you'll have to really get the right balance: you can't simply randomly put 10 houses on the ground to get something of it.

I'll like also to unleash the building count: no more limit. If you want to settle 80 villages, 160 factories... well... why not. As everything is coupled with a downside, this will bring a lot of workable strategies.

At last but not least, I successfully managed to get a real faaast and efficient pathfinding. It was quite essential to increase the unit count. For now there's a 900 units cap (compared to the iubes 300 units limit). I'll try to go even further...

The front line

Day 024
Tactical Warflow
Monday April 27, 2020

Game is now really coming to life: time has come to focus on battles. Good news is that "tanks" and "bombers" will have obviously a more explicit function than "archers" and "warriors". Beyond that I'll mostly use similar balancing mechanisms as for the economy side...

But the visual aspect of battles is what worry me the most. I'd like something way more spectacular than iubes throwing stones at each other.

Like a kind of bullet-hell-ish battlefield. But not really that sure at this point... I'll have to try things, stuff.

Not this.

Day 025
Tactical Warflow
Tuesday April 28, 2020

Here I spent a couple of hours playing with design, to try more abstract, odd ways. That's one of the fun part of pixel shaders: you can always evolve in many direction since design is never fixed for good.

But at the end of the day I realized that too intensive map design wasn't helpful to gameplay. There's already a lot to focus on, better not be confused more than needed. Even more because the whole point was to get away from iubes' more strange than needed map.

I think I'll stick to a quite clear, peaceful, calming map.


Day 027
Tactical Warflow
Thursday April 30, 2020

I think this is very close to the final design. More detailed texture to fit a satellite scale view and tiled building. I gave a try to wireframe 3D units which could have been a very nice fit, but I won't have enough time for that. Maybe for Warflow 2022.

For now aerial highlited structures will do the job. Maybe a couple of refinements more, but I really like it that way.

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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Tactical Warflow

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