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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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First glance!

Day 011
Tactical Warflow
Monday April 13, 2020

It's been a daylong stuggle... here comes fragment shaders ! A very first version but enough to get a whole taste of Warflow design. Things are moving quite fast, once and for all that's not iubes anymore.

I was also thinking on release planning. I know I'm not yet there (!) but I really must keep in mind never ending finalization work: video trailer, steam page, tutorial, audio, sfx, and so on... a lot of "small" tasks beyond the game itself.


Day 012
Tactical Warflow
Tuesday April 14, 2020

This is what a buffer overflow really looks like. Classic mistake but everything is actually working fine. More importantly, we learnt yesterday a first approximation of the quarantine ending date. May the 11th. That's now my official deadline for this project.

I think I can do it.

It may be about time to think of a first logo, put this devlog online, get a Steam APPID, officialize this project, and so on...

Warflow 2022

Day 014
Tactical Warflow
Friday April 17, 2020

I'm getting more and more ideas for Warflow. No way I'll have enough time to include all of them. So I just decided to use this old trick: opening a "Warflow II" to-do list. Much easier to postpone things than discard nice features for good.

Meanwhile I cleaned up the whole source code during the past two days: thousands and thousands of old lines deleted from iubes original source code. Ready to go further.

But for now I'm just going to try to make warflow's logo... and this will be enough for today!

Step 3

Day 015
Tactical Warflow
Saturday April 18, 2020

I must say I'm quite pleased with those past two weeks of work; I'm on the right way for this complete overhaul of iubes. Still a couple of design elements to fix but I'm now focusing on gameplay evolution. I want more interaction between teams in order to move torward real time battles while preserving the async mode.

Still four weeks left before quarantine ends. Just stay focused.

New gameplay

Day 016
Tactical Warflow
Monday April 20, 2020

Even if I stick to the "no micro-management" concept, this new city scale brings new mechanics quite organically. I've started to remove old iubes individual AIs to set up mechanics on a global scale: units response will be more consistent.

Since gameplay will be more subtile, we need to really understand what units are doing and why. That was one of the flaw of the original game...

One way to achieve that might be to display way more data to players. And maybe... being able to ajust units reponses.

More data, and more control.

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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Tactical Warflow

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