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The day before

Day 000
Tactical Warflow
Tuesday March 31, 2020

Context: we're starting week 3 of this Coronavirus quarantine. Staying at home... not enough time to work on my current heavy projects, still a huge need to craft something... whatever it is.

Almost 8 years ago, I started my first day-one devlog. A day to day work in progress about a game created from scratch. Truth to be told, the prime interest of such a blog is for myself. Keeping a trace of past work, reading back the whole process...

I guess I miss that. And it might actually be the right time to reiterate this experience.

But I need a new project, something... lighter... fast enough to produce...

iubes-3 Redux

Day 001
Tactical Warflow
Wednesday April 1, 2020

Intelligent Cubes (steam/iubes) was released in 2014; followed late 2017 with a remastered version for Steam. A small and unperfect game but... I never felt I was over with it.

I might use this Coronavirus time to try to make and release the 3rd opus... Obviously it'll be way easier to stick to a deadline since the game is already up and running. But...

FIRST: not a re-re-mastered version. It has to be a complete overhaul, even a new name, not "iubes 3" as a matter of fact.

SECOND: drop for good this spherical world and this aging design, while focusing on the core idea: plain RTS without micromanagement.

THIRD: cherry on the cake? Maybe realtime battles rather than iubes async strategy...?

Thinking of it... To use this lack of time to release a whole game could be a huge incentive. And I mean huge.

Yet... this project can also be tricky: it must lead to something really different... something better... worth a Steam release. Everything but "iubes 2.5" ...

And that's not as simple as that...

Tactical Warflow

Day 002
Tactical Warflow
Friday April 3, 2020

« Strategic-level thinking determines "why" the war is taking place. The theater and operational-level thinking determines the "who, what and where" of the war, while tactics determine the "how". »

Thanks Wikipedia. That will be my pitch.

Hence Tactical. This is about War to be even more obvious than needed. And because a RTS without micromanagement, is a matter of resources and units allocation, we've got the flow...

Welcome to Tactical Warflow! Original names for games are more and more difficult to find. I found a "Tactical War" but that's a small Android game; also a nice "War Flow" browser game which was released 10 years ago, and discontinued since.

A name and some work last night. I forked iubes:2 code and started to flatten out the map. Not as simple as it seams. This sphere was tied to the deep core of iubes. Units, camera, world axis, the whole coordinate system...

Goodbye iubes

Day 003
Tactical Warflow
Saturday April 4, 2020

I'm running slowly through iubes' code. Slowly because I'm quite afraid of breaking some forgotten mechanism while performing heavy changes here and there. Anyway my world is now a very common flat map! Fun fact: I found some unknown bugs only visible on a unfolded world.

Now... redesigning the whole game will be my next priority. I need to get far away iubes design to cleanup my mind and stop moving towards iubes-III.

I know what I want, just not sure how well the outcome will be...

The only way left

Day 004
Tactical Warflow
Sunday April 5, 2020

I want a whole new design... I also need more buildings to expand the gameplay... But I haven't enough time. Even using low poly voxels it'll ask way too much hours to create needed meshes. The only way left is to fall back on good old fashioned sprites...

Replacing every unit and building with plain icons... it'll give a fun "strategic map" touch. Although to make something nice enough, I'll have to switch the old voxel terrain to a nice full textured "photo realistic" satellite view. Sort of.

Nice outcome: using sprites I'll be able to increase units count without overloading draw calls... More iubes units!!

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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Tactical Warflow

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