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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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Day 098
Intelligent Cubes
Saturday May 18, 2013

First teaser ready. Here comes to hardest part of a first Indie project! I need to get some audience and talk the world about this game. How do I do this? Not a clue.

It's seems harder than coding.


Gamers approval

Day 099
Intelligent Cubes
Monday June 3, 2013

So... As planned I've tried to socialize with the outside world initially through 4 tweets and 4 posts on various indie forums.

I get in return 350+ beta testers, 3300+ views on Youtube, hundreds of messages and two dozens of proposals of many kind. That's quite huge for a very first shot!

"Great concept! Can't wait to try it!" - "it looks FUCKING AWESOME" - "I just hate them all so very very much…" - "This looks great man, can't wait to try it out" - "Fascinating concept" - "I just want to say it looks exceptionally interesting" - "Iubes look terrific. Can't wait to play inside the sphere…." - "Your came looks like one of the coolest things to be in the works currently" - "Looks like a great idea" - "I would absolutely love a beta test of this!" - "love the art style, keep up the good work" - "Looks promising, I'm excited. Good work!” , ...

All of this was mainly offered by with their news about iubes. You guys are really great. Thank's so much for the incredible positive feedback and support! It might take a little time, but I'll do my best to answer to all of you!

This feedback is the confirmation I needed before going further with this project...

Sunday returns

Day 103
Intelligent Cubes
Monday June 17, 2013

I’ve spent almost my whole weekend working on iubes! I crafted a small graphical interface of my own (third party GUIs are either too restrictive or too heavy... or maybe I just dislike merging alien source code... I’ll think about that... someday). So now iubes is fully playable without mouse, I wanted it this way to fit its simple & fast gameplay. I added mp3 audio playback capabilities. And finally a loading screen. Little but essential things...

First anniversary!?

Day 108
Intelligent Cubes
Tuesday July 2, 2013

Hey! This project started precisely one year ago.

But still a lot of work to do so rather than party I improved the day/night cycle and related strategy. Now ghosts only rise from a cemetary (that you’ll have to build), and night stops as soon as both dead iubes stacks are empty. It makes a faster and more flexible gameplay.

CPU burning II

Day 112
Intelligent Cubes
Sunday July 14, 2013

I made some strong improvements on code efficiency. The whole game runs almost 2 times faster. For this I cached lot of data so 256 iubes don't have to make the same checks. I used those new CPU resources to improve iubes' intelligence, and that's much much better; They build faster and stop to dislocate themselves.

And there's now on screen statistics about iubes distribution (%farmers, %builders…). It'll help newbies to understand what’s going on I guess...

massive showdown

Day 120
Intelligent Cubes
Sunday July 28, 2013

There's always something to improve. And when it's done, it feels like an essential feature (however it doesn't help to release the game).

That's the story behind the fact that I spent my whole weekend checking out massive battles between iubes.

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Intelligent Cubes

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scott veach> great work… it’s a shockingly strong achievement for a single-person team.
Ramcat> Any news?
ZoopUniball> I loved iubes1 im excited i get a copy of iubes 2! It was a good game and a good idea.
Peter Horner> Hi, TanSerrai here! Had a lot of fun with Iubes1 – again, my heartfelt compliments for your unique ideas! Am very happy to see version 2 being worked upon – all the best wishes for that!
Zoop> new idea! what about time that gradually increases!
daltonspillman> This game looks pretty sweet! Good luck in development, I’ll be checking out your progress
ZestyPro> This game looks amazing! Very exited to play it!
Patrick Aaron Murphy> Found you through Very excited to play this!
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