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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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Here they are!!

Day 029
Intelligent Cubes
Sunday August 12, 2012

Here are the real iubes. As I’m using pure procedural creation, each iube can be slightly different. Now, this looks like a real game!

But, well... summer is now ending... and I've got too much daily work to really focus on my iubes. For now I don’t feel like I miss skills to make a game, I only miss available time.

This is somehow very irritating.

I was thinking...

Day 032
Intelligent Cubes
Tuesday August 21, 2012

Fact: if your gameplay doesn’t bring new ideas and features, very similar games are bound to have been released 100s times already (therefore no one would care of your "hey-I-played-it-last-week" game).

So: indie games have to be unique, with unique development difficulties, which need unique solutions, and unique headaches.

Hence, consciously or not, indie game devs are masochists seeking out pure intellectual pain.

Back to work

Day 038
Intelligent Cubes
Sunday September 23, 2012

One full month passed away. I'm a little back on this project... I've just achieved to code the minimal requirements to be able to start to play myself with this game... at last!

It should have been a nice moment...

But rather I'm feeling doubtful about all of this.

Facing dead-end?

Day 039
Intelligent Cubes
Saturday September 29, 2012

I've sealed the fact that this game was boring. Maybe not, maybe it's biased by this boring summer. I've only worked a couple of scattered days during the past two months...

I need a kind of rebirth for this project. Remotivate myself.

And also maybe something simpler to fit my few spare time? So... intensive thinking in progress...


Day 041
Intelligent Cubes
Tuesday October 2, 2012

It may look the same, but it's not. I've completely changed my mind about this project, about its core mechanics.

The main problem with indie game is not the work by itself, but the environment: during the whole september month I was able to work on iubes only 3 full days. That was highly demotivating...

Look at the blue color: yup, this is the blue team and they will fight online. I do love RTS. Online RTS! My motivation is back stronger than ever for this project. Simpler, easier, faster.

Right now, iubes is a survivor.

Back on track

Day 043
Intelligent Cubes
Monday October 8, 2012

Today was my 2nd weekend since iubes' rebirth and I've completely recovered my initial mood. It could rocks! A strange kind of real-time strategy game, but lazy-proof as iubes can do all the ungrateful work for you. Now I like this game!! I’m back, and so are the iubes!

My #1 remaining concern is now about game's design. I'm not sure about those boring childish colors...

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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Intelligent Cubes

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scott veach> great work… it’s a shockingly strong achievement for a single-person team.
Ramcat> Any news?
ZoopUniball> I loved iubes1 im excited i get a copy of iubes 2! It was a good game and a good idea.
Peter Horner> Hi, TanSerrai here! Had a lot of fun with Iubes1 – again, my heartfelt compliments for your unique ideas! Am very happy to see version 2 being worked upon – all the best wishes for that!
Zoop> new idea! what about time that gradually increases!
daltonspillman> This game looks pretty sweet! Good luck in development, I’ll be checking out your progress
ZestyPro> This game looks amazing! Very exited to play it!
Patrick Aaron Murphy> Found you through Very excited to play this!
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