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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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Colors of a game

Day 006
Intelligent Cubes
Friday July 13, 2012

Water, sand, and grassy blocks... and it looks like a real game. Stick to this fast prototype project!

To be continued... I've got to do some regular job now!

First week

Day 007
Intelligent Cubes
Sunday July 15, 2012

I've started iubes last sunday, just one week from now... and I'd say I'm rather satisfied with my weird little world. Next step will be to introduce the iubes on the ground... watching them living there... and start to play them!

Sure there a scary number of items on my to-do list... but I'll try not to overthink things. For now, everything runs smoothly.

They are coming

Day 010
Intelligent Cubes
Wednesday July 18, 2012

« iubes are intelligent cubes »

My iubes are now walking accross the world. However, since -I- stands for “intelligent”, there's still a lot to work to be done, basically. Maybe a couple of days more to see them eat, build, and replicate...

Anyway… first things first: I'm thinking about how a iube might look like? Obviously something rather "cubic"...


Day 015
Intelligent Cubes
Wednesday July 25, 2012

Today is a massive celebration day here. People have started to dance, sing, drink… for 5 days… right down in my street. Not so easy to focus and work in a self-sacrifice way.

So I decided to do "neither really usefull, nor important things". For example: shadows! Always a great headache, therefore an essential game feature for us, coders...

By the way, I dit it.

Twelve days later...

Day 027
Intelligent Cubes
Friday August 10, 2012

sgn(cos(a)) x |(cos(a)^2/q|

All started when I made a few searches about hyper ellipse formulas. Yep, that was the boring part: superquadrics, hypoellipse, plane algebraic curves in a cartesian coordinate system...

Then all of a sudden, came the nice part: my playground wasn’t limited to a single bubble shape anymore. Now I’ve got those super-ellipstic worlds. Very "inception movie" style! Well... not fundamental but nice. Whatever... I needed those formulas anyway.

Keep calm

Day 028
Intelligent Cubes
Saturday August 11, 2012

It wasn't my purpose... but thanks this project, I'm levelling up my math skill.

Even if everything runs fine... day after day, work become slightly harder. The rule is to not think about it. Ok, I won't.

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Intelligent Cubes

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scott veach> great work… it’s a shockingly strong achievement for a single-person team.
Ramcat> Any news?
ZoopUniball> I loved iubes1 im excited i get a copy of iubes 2! It was a good game and a good idea.
Peter Horner> Hi, TanSerrai here! Had a lot of fun with Iubes1 – again, my heartfelt compliments for your unique ideas! Am very happy to see version 2 being worked upon – all the best wishes for that!
Zoop> new idea! what about time that gradually increases!
daltonspillman> This game looks pretty sweet! Good luck in development, I’ll be checking out your progress
ZestyPro> This game looks amazing! Very exited to play it!
Patrick Aaron Murphy> Found you through Very excited to play this!
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