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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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wasn’t it supposed to be a small game?

Day 203
Intelligent Cubes
Friday November 22, 2013

Version 1.0.5 // I’m almost ready to relase a new update (tomorrow?). Lot of hidden / deep changes, thus I’m going to need some extra days for beta testing. Argh!!!! Those last steps are quite painful, I’m dying of impatience to start online games with you guys.

Yet I took some time to add a kind of welfare feature: players are going to be pre-ranked before their first PvP, since playing versus computer can increase (a little) player’s score. It may prevent heavy distorted battles!

life insurance

Day 214
Intelligent Cubes
Thursday December 5, 2013

Network issues, on/offline switching, user and/or server lags, overloads, loose proxy, transmit errors… There is an infinite field of possibilities here. And when it occurs in the middle of a 2 hour heroic online game, those stuffs lead to this little rage, when you’re yelling about the “fraking idiot who coded this thing”.

So, in order to avoid some gamers rage in my mailbox, I polished a little more the network aspect of iubes. This is what took me another extra couple of days, and why you haven’t played iubes online yet!

it’s alive!

Day 220
Intelligent Cubes
Wednesday December 11, 2013

I did it! Right now, guys are in the middle of online battles. This game is alive, for real. I sent 1500+ beta keys to be sure there is enough activity from the first days, looks like it worked.

What I would LOVE to do: start my 2nd game.

What I MUSTN’T do: start my 2nd game…

What I HAVE TO do: start marketting stuffs.

I’ll stay with this last one. Learn about PR, mail back press, bloggers, youtubers… start the final video…

never ending work.

Day 221
Intelligent Cubes
Thursday December 19, 2013

Now rendering and compressing official trailer. But before sharing this video, I will have to work on the 1.0.9 update. It looks like there is a bunch of issues with solo mode’s AI. My fault, I remember having changed something there… without reviewing my code. Errrrrr.

Second mistake: I receive weird questions about iubes which lead to a new fact: I didn’t explained good enough the gameplay to people:) Some players are quite lost inside iubes. Sounds like this game will get its “tip of the day” popups!

Mood of the day: keep calm and carry on.

Double big day

Day 222
Intelligent Cubes
Friday December 20, 2013

4 millions iubes killed. But that’s not the reason of this post.

Today I’ve once and for all sealed which of my projects will be my next game. I’ll talk about that another day cause that’s not the big day reason. No, the big day is my 37th anniversary. 37 years...

Last step of the year!

Day 223
Intelligent Cubes
Tuesday December 31, 2013

I’ve released the 1.0.9 update today, and that’s it for this year!

Things about iubes are very quiet. The official trailer hasn’t been distributed yet, as I thought it would be a waste of time to do such between Christmas and New year celebrations. Still a couple of days to wait and I’ll start to spread the word.

My two first video about iubes have been viewed 5469 and 7440 times. I’m happy with that for a first shot, but I’ll have to reach another order of magnitude for the 3rd video. In a way, that’ll be a whole project by itself…

Anyway… HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!

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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Intelligent Cubes

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scott veach> great work… it’s a shockingly strong achievement for a single-person team.
Ramcat> Any news?
ZoopUniball> I loved iubes1 im excited i get a copy of iubes 2! It was a good game and a good idea.
Peter Horner> Hi, TanSerrai here! Had a lot of fun with Iubes1 – again, my heartfelt compliments for your unique ideas! Am very happy to see version 2 being worked upon – all the best wishes for that!
Zoop> new idea! what about time that gradually increases!
daltonspillman> This game looks pretty sweet! Good luck in development, I’ll be checking out your progress
ZestyPro> This game looks amazing! Very exited to play it!
Patrick Aaron Murphy> Found you through Very excited to play this!
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