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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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Day 213
Horizon Keepers
Saturday October 24, 2015

Working on the first video. Years ago I was a huge fan of Adore Premiere for video editing. But over the years, this great soft became kind of a bloatware. Slooooow...

Today I found my new video best friend: Sony Vegas Pro. Pretty much the same as Premiere, but waaaay much faster, lighter, without crashes. Incredibly fast rendering. Love it!


Day 256
Horizon Keepers
Saturday February 13, 2016

256th day of work. I'm loosing track of time. Of this blog also. Anyway... new update available!

  • Far range shoots are now less powerful!
  • S01E02 “Arch Model” available (10 XT points)
  • Arch: new ammo added: tracking bullets
  • Arch: improved radar: proximity + relative altitude
  • “Helper bot” added when stuck on a specific stage
  • S01E02 /stage 4: bomb waste bug cleared
  • You can easily select your ship when docked
  • Separate discussion channels for each stages
  • More explicit ship details (damage/sec)
  • Auto relocation when logging onto another account
  • Full & multi screen mode stability improved
  • Free trial version added + Paypal registration
  • New hints added + tutorial can be resetted
  • New shadow shading / far shadow problem fixed
  • CPU usage optimisations
  • Explicit/ green/ big titles on help pages ^^
  • Tutorial can be by-passed
  • S01E01 stages redesigned to be a little easier!
  • And as always, a lot of small fixes…


Day 259
Horizon Keepers
Friday February 19, 2016

And another feedback update.

  • Right/Left Handed support! (UIOJKL keys)
  • Changing graphics settings doesn’t restart the game without asking so
  • “Easy Mouse” mode layout shifted (no RMB needed to drive your ship)
  • “Pro Keyboard” mode strongly encouraged (label + hint + popup).
  • Mouse mode now uses the same airbrake layout than keyboard mode (good habits before switching to the pro keyboard mode ^^)


Day 261
Horizon Keepers
Monday February 22, 2016

Feedback update.

  • New controls: FPS MODE! with horiz/vertical straffing.
  • Gun mode @ Right Mouse Button
  • Gravity & stabilizers rewritten
  • Negative speed visible on HUD (red colour)
  • OIS.dll discarded (play on Linux issue)
  • Slight hud enhancements
  • New up/down frontier limiter (smoother)
  • Focus % indicator is now % damages
  • Faster score page updates


Day 262
Horizon Keepers
Saturday February 27, 2016

Feedback update.

  • Instancing system upgraded (should fit better for low level newcomers)
  • x2 stage cleared bonus now available to the whole group (even after a ship destruction)
  • Upgraded scanner now available since the Mikron ship
  • Fire impact displays added
  • Side displacement displays added
  • Enhanced AFK players filter
  • Enhanced “helper bot” (which in fact, is not a “bot” but a high level player cloned from another stage…)


Day 265
Horizon Keepers
Wednesday March 9, 2016

Feedback update.

  • Episode 1 shifted to Episode 2 (and Episode 2 -> Episode 3)
  • New Episode 1 waaay more easy
  • Episode 3 is now 3+1 stages long (as every episode)
  • Server PPF system fully checked & completed
  • Upgraded shots power vs distance
  • Ammo 3 upgrades are now +25 shots
  • XP gains rebalanced
  • Last sample (succeeded stage) is now given in any case
  • Efficiency counter (%) added
  • Maximum graphics settings mode optimized
  • A couple of FX have been added (air particles, ship crash smoke, …)
  • Sound fx added (sample collected, very relevant)
  • Debug tutorial deadlock
  • New help page (“go to gate S01E02”)
  • Redesigned “test area” (“north pole”)
  • Gate to go hilighted (e.g. proceed to next gate)
  • And a couple of small fixes…
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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Horizon Keepers

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gerett> Salut, j’ai trouvé, et ça tourne sous Linux, via Play on Linux.
Installation, mise à jour, et relance du logiciel (install de la version 07, puis MAJ vers la 0.9.261).
J’ai même réalisé un script POL d’installation automatique.
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