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Here I code indiegames (independent games). I drink caffeine. Lot of debug also.
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Killing me softly

Day 125
Horizon Keepers
Tuesday March 3, 2015

The most exasperating thing even: when your game doesn’t work the same on two different computers. In this case, my water shader fail with a Nvidia card. While it runs with any cheap Intel Graphics... yep, exasperating.

That may not sound like a severe issue… but in that case I don’t know at all why / where / from what / about what / who / how... I simply don't have a clue yet, and it could lead to other hidden problems....

2 days later...

Day 127
Horizon Keepers
Thursday March 5, 2015

I’ve spent TWO whole days on my Amd vs Nvida water shader issue. Day 1: impossible to find what was wrong with my fragment shader. Day 2: So I decided to prepare a new shader from zero.

... which led to the exact same issue. Side effect: I finally found what the first problem was. Not the shader by itself (of course not... it'd have been to simple) but the environment texture. It looks like there is a very slight difference with Nvidia Cubic texture sampler.

Anyway, problem solved.

The Cuban 8

Day 130
Horizon Keepers
Monday March 9, 2015

There was still a couple of bezier curves interpolation issues with my game. Bound to fix this once and for all, I found the perfect debug test with the cuban eight maneuver (thanks the Internet).

I've wrestled my data until it was eventually possible to see this figure performed by another player. Wrapping of angles is now perfectly performed!

Another problem fixed. So I can go sleep.

1st Anniversary

Day 135
Horizon Keepers
Saturday March 14, 2015

I won't lie: I’m quite proud of this result! Especially as both CPU and GPU are mainly sleeping. Which means there's still room for huge improvements.

Anyway 1st anniversary... time to update the logo. Like a personal tradition.

Cleanup time

Day 143
Horizon Keepers
Saturday March 14, 2015

Day after day, gameplay changes become smaller and smaller. An open beta test sequence is getting closer…

  • GUI updated
  • HUD reordered to put forward the most important informations
  • Better ships parameters (speed, shild, power...)
  • Ammo rebalanced
  • Textures are now DDS (mainly for loading time's sake)

Early Access

Day 144
Horizon Keepers
Thursday April 2, 2015

I'm planning on releasing this game though Early Access in order to be able to balance levels one by one. Moreover, basic mechanics work fine but I need to add a lot of content.

Now working on a first sound track. Really need this very first track to prepare some trailer video.

For the rest I will simply add game's content step by step through updates. More musics, more ships, and so on.

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story mode: posts are in chronological order!

Horizon Keepers

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gerett> Salut, j’ai trouvé, et ça tourne sous Linux, via Play on Linux.
Installation, mise à jour, et relance du logiciel (install de la version 07, puis MAJ vers la 0.9.261).
J’ai même réalisé un script POL d’installation automatique.
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