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Step 1.

This is just an informative stat. We still have to settle who is the real king between those fearless contenders.

Kings - Domination (Tier-1)

SHADOWZ9 days and 1 hour.464 hours.1 day and 5 hours.
TOOLIGAN3 days and 23 hours.303 hours.14 hours.
MARCAURELL3 days and 7 hours.711 hours.2 days and 6 hours.
CRISOT3 days and 5 hours.272 hours.21 hours.
TOWELIEBAN2 days and 16 hours.512 hours.18 hours.
TANSERRAI2 days and 1 hour.124 hours.21 hours.
EGGSBACON2 days and 0 hour.104 hours.1 day and 3 hours.
GALADUS1 day and 15 hours.192 hours.9 hours.
CAFOUILLE1 day and 10 hours.84 hours.13 hours.
LONELYKNIGHT21 hours.45 hours.7 hours.
LIQUIDMAN13 hours.34 hours.10 hours.
DIESLE13 hours.71 hours.7 hours.
JOE421212 hours.34 hours.11 hours.
DOM3716012 hours.71 hours.3 hours.
UNET00110 hours.110 hours.10 hours.
CODRER6 hours.23 hours.6 hours.
SANGSUE2 hours.12 hours.2 hours.
RAGADABAH1 hours.11 hours.1 hours.
STEVEDAGIRAF58 minutes.158 minutes.58 minutes.
MEIERSHANS45 minutes.222 minutes.24 minutes.
IMULSION43 minutes.143 minutes.43 minutes.


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